Our Weaknesses


The apostle Paul "boasted" about his weaknesses because of how his weaknesses highlighted Christ's strength.  (Paul would not have made much money as a web-marketing advisor!)   For an actual view of our weaknesses you'll have to come and visit and see the interesting collection of saints/sinners we have assembled here in Springfield.  We have some sin-recovery stories that will encourage your faith and inspire you in your struggle between the "old man" and the "new man" that Paul spoke of.  Perhaps you get the point that we've got plenty of weaknesses to boast about and little interest in glossing them over-so the list below would probably more accurately fall into the category of "Things we are really weak at focusing on."   


Our Building- You'll find our building is neat and clean and very functional, but we are not into spending our energy or money on making our facility fancy. Many churches will tell you about their facility, so we want to be very frank in telling you that we are not very concerned about ours (other than keeping it safe and functional, and improving the look here and there, from time to time).  Great people bought the land and built it about 40 years ago, and since it is a free gift handed down to us by the brothers and sisters who came before us, we are determined to use it to serve God and our community. The appraisers tell us it's worth a lot these days, which means that the scripture "to whom much is given, much will be expected"...certainly applies to us!  Our facility is a tool for us to use to God's glory, and we are not interested in making that tool extra nice so that seekers will like the decor.  Instead, we want to use it as an equipping ground to reach out to the world.  (Just in case you're wondering, the carpeting is actually pretty new.)  In Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis said, "when one visits a church the questions should never be, "do I like the paint, do I like the pews" but rather, are there meals here?  Are people thriving and growing?""  At Springfield we are committed to spending our time and resources to feeding people spiritually and equipping them to feed and serve others.


Denominationalism- A Newsweek poll indicated that the fastest growing faith group in America is those who call themselves non-denominational Christians. The increase has been over 1000% in the last ten years!  That's nearly 10 times the growth of the next group!  It would be smart of us to position ourselves in that group, but we have been positioned there for 200 years!  We are an autonomous church.  No national headquarters oversees our work or checks our orthodoxy. If you have never heard of the Church of Christ, maybe you have heard of members such as Max Lucado who are committed to our ideals of being "Christians only, but not the only Christians."  If you are looking for a church home in your community, chances are you will be thrilled with our commitment to non-denominational Christianity.


Formality- In the grand scheme of high-church/low-church you will find us pretty bad at being formal.  People ask for prayers each week right from their seats, offering their concerns and victories during our family prayer time.  Regular ol' members-men and women, young and old- participate in our services each week by reading scripture, leading prayers or songs. For some in our tradition, this is unusual. You are invited to read our thoughts on this here. Obviously personalities differ in our church body, but our Sunday intent is to be a family that gathers together before their Father to thank Him, speak with Him and once again remind themselves that He is with them at all times.


Programs- Maybe it's just us, but we don't meet a lot of people in the D.C.-metro area who are searching for more things to add to their To-Do lists. In keeping with people's busy lives, we are long on relationship and short on programs.  That's not to say we don't have plenty of activities going on and plenty of opportunities to serve and fellowship. We have ministries focused on our youth, and all sorts of other groups. If the church of Christ is a body, then we believe that the body needs to be fed and exercised so it can be fit to serve.  Programs can be good and often meet vital needs. Join us and you'll find groups of people serving and growing in areas that interest you and meet your needs.