Our Strengths

We are…

Christ Centered- Too often when we hear the word “church” we think of a building with a steeple. The Biblical notion of “church” is the living body of Christ. At Springfield we are convinced that God has chosen us to be his body through which his powerful Spirit will work.


Diverse- The Viñas family, the Tohmy Family, the Parkers, the Crocketts. Springfield is an array of languages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and educational backgrounds.  We have a marine biologist, Wal-Mart employees, a linguist, a pre-school teacher, stay-at-home moms and career military officers.  We have three African nations represented and 10 languages.  We have a family that hails from the West Bank in Gaza, a Christian family that cherishes their Jewish roots, and an Air Force military family from Germany/Japan/ Texas….and that’s just to name a few.


Laid Back- The Springfield church is not high church. Our services are simple and informal. At the same time they are serious and reverent. 


A Family- We fellowship frequently with one another and enjoy being together.  We eat together each Wednesday so we do not have to rush home from work and then rush back for our midweek Bible study.