Are We Relevant?

We believe that God's word is ALWAYS relevant and it empowers His people to be relevant in the context in which He places them.  The problem is, God's church (as it displays itself in various places) is not always relevant in some communities because some churches don't communicate Gods truth in relevant way.   That's not a big problem for God because his word is alive and powerful and always breaks free from the burden of traditions so that people will hear.  But still, many churches (including us) struggle with what this means:  Do we scrap traditions in favor of something contemporary?  Do we remain the same so that people within our church can feel good about the familiarity?


We are interested in honoring God, and we feel like the best way to do so is to make sure that when we meet together as the body of Christ we do so in a way that allows his Word to be clearly communicated. That's not so easy because with all the different personalities and backgrounds out there what communicates to one might not communicate to another.  Are we relevant to you? We hope so, but maybe not as relevant as some other fellowship.  You'll have to come visit us and see!


The most important aspect to the “relevance” question is not whether our corporate worship experiences are relevant, but whether those gatherings and our fellowship as a whole prepare our members to be relevant in the lives of others and in the marketplace where He calls them to serve. God places our individual members all over the DC area each week in unique and busy thoroughfares.  We are determined to nurture faith in our members so they stand at those places as powerful and relevant witnesses to Gods love, grace and salvation.